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Log in to your router admin page with the default gateway.

Learn how to log in to your router’s control panel, and how to change your router control panel username, change the default router IP address, and your Wifi settings and passwords.

What is the Router Gateway?

The IP address is a default IP address used by many commercial broadband router devices.

The are used by router brands such as Westell ADSL Modems, 3Com routers, Linksys switches, 2Wire routers, TP-Link routers Alcatel ADSL Modems, Thompson ADSL routers, ADSL billions routers, SRW2023 and others.

The IP address is a common address used for accessing the login page for your private router control panel. Once you have logged in, you can change your router username, admin, password and privacy settings. Login.

How to Log In to my Router Admin page with the IP?

Visit via this link or enter into your URL address bar in your internet browser (Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Internet Explorer).

You will be re-directed to the router admin login screen. On the admin login page, enter your router username and password.

If you do not know your router username and password, then look at the back of your router device. Often, the default username and password will be written there. If they are not shown, then see our list of default router usernames and passwords for the most common router brands.

If you have changed the router username and password, but have since forgotten them, then you can reset your router to the factory settings.

Http:// or 10.0.01?

Does it matter if I enter Http:// or in my browser’s address bar?

Typing Http:// or are both valid. However, remember to enter http://, and not http // or https://.  If you are getting an error message, then go through the troubleshooting guide below, step-by-step. Login Password and Username.

If you are able to open the admin login panel, both you don’t know the router password or username, then try these common default login combinations.

Username / Password.
admin / password
admin / admin
none / none
cusadmin / highspeed
blank / public

The Login does not work! What is the problem?

If your router’s admin page does not open after entering in your browser’s address bar, then it may be because:

  • Your router’s IP may not be Try entering other common router IP addresses, such as,, or in your browser’s address bar, and press Enter.
  • You may have mistyped the IP address. The IP address will consist of just numbers and full stops. A common mistake is to write 10.0.0.l or 1o.o.o.1 in the address bar (using the letter L instead of the number 1, or the letter O instead of the number 0).
  • You could have omitted one or more Full Stops in the IP address. The correct IP address is and NOT 10.0.01, 1000, 10.0 0.1 or 10.0 01. Adding an extra “0” ( is also a frequent mistake.
  • Make sure that you write the IP address in your browser’s address bar as or, and NOT www. or Do not add WWW or the HTTPS protocol, as this will not work.
  • You could have entered “” in the Google/Bing Search Bar, as opposed to the correct browser address bar. Ensure that your write in the top address bar of your browser, where you write a website URL address, normally. Then hit ENTER.
  • Check if your router is turned off or broken.

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Helpful Resources.

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