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How to log in to your router admin page via the IP Gateway.

Learn how to log in to your router admin page (control panel) in order to change Wifi settings, the router’s IP address,  your router login Username and your wifi password, and more.

Read about the most common mistakes that new LAN users make, when attempting to log in to their router setup page.

The Router Gateway. What is it?

The IP address is a commonly used default IP address that numerous broadband router devices use a default gateway. Every device connected to the internet has an IP address (Internet Protocol address).

Public and private IP addresses exist. The IP address is a private IP address used by router brands such as D-Link and Netgear and others.

When you access the internet from home, the network you connect to first is your own router. The router then connects to your Internet service provide, which then connects you to the internet.

The IP address is also used to access your router admin settings. Once you have logged in to your router setup page, you can change your router username, password and privacy settings. Login.

How do I Log In to my Router Admin page via

Visit by clicking the link or by entering into your internet browser’s address bar (Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Internet Explorer).

If your router’s IP address is indeed,  you will be re-directed to the router admin login screen. On the login page, enter your router username and password.

If you do not know your router username and password, then they can often be found on the back of your router device. If they are not shown, then see our list of default router admin usernames and passwords for the most commercial available router brands.

If you have forgotten a router username and password, that a household member or you have set up yourself, then you can reset your router to the default factory settings. Login is Not Working. Why not?

If the router admin login page does not load after entering in your browser’s address bar, then it could be because of one of these reasons:

  • Your router’s IP address is not be This is a popular router default IP address, but many router brands use another default IP address, Try entering,, or in your browser’s address bar, and press Enter.
  • You could have mistyped the IP address. The An IP address is made up of numbers and full stops only. A very common mistake is to write 192.168.o.1 in the address bar (using the letter o instead of the number 0) or 192.168 l 0 (using the letter L instead of 1, or with the 1 and 0 reversed).
  • You may have left out the “Full Stops” in the IP address. The correct router IP address is and NOT 192.168.01 or 19216801 or 192.168.0 1
  • You may have entered the IP address in your browser’s address bar as a webpage address and included the www or the HTTPS protocol. The correct IP address that you must write (in your browser’s url address bar) is:, and NOT www. or
  • You have entered in the Google or Bing Search Bar and not in your browser’s URL address bar. Ensure that you write in the top left address bar of your internet browser. This where you normally enter a website URL address. Then hit ENTER.
  • Your router might turned off, unplugged or simply not working properly.

If the router admin login page  does indeed open, but your username or password is rejected, then check for the admin user ID and password on the back of your router. Alternatively, reset your router to the factory settings.

Ask for help or answer questions from others about the router setup configuration, in the comment section.

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