How to Reset Your Router

How to Reset Your Router and Router Password.

If you have entered,, or another IP address in your browser address bar, and you still cannot access the router admin login page, you may need to reset your router.

First, you should make sure that you entered the IP address correctly, however. See our detailed login guide to help you, or to find out your router’s IP address. Your router’s IP address may not be (the most common), but another, like, or, for example.

See our list of router default IP addresses, for more.

We have also added a list of default router passwords and usernames.

How to reset your router to factory default settings.

This trick is sometimes necessary for LINKSYS router users and other routers, when you have not accessed the page for a long time. For some reason you are occasionally denied access. The solution is to reset your router like this:

There is a small round reset button on the back of your router. Use a pen or a sharp object and hold this reset button down for 10 seconds (some older models require 30 seconds.

After holding the reset button down, unplug everything from the router. Then plug everything back in and wait for it to come on again.

Then, open a new browser, and type in the (or your router’s default IP address, if is not the default IP address), and enter your username and password and it comes up directly to linksys.

This should fix the problem.

Please note that resetting your router will also reset your username and password to the default settings. If you have forgotten your password, then this is also a solution to reset your password and log in with the default credentials.

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